For Teaching Staff

Is your school on a journey to cater better for your gifted and high potential learners?

I offer a wide variety of staff development programs which are tailored to your school setting, teacher understanding and student needs.

These courses are designed with your school, students and parents in mind.


These broad areas can be covered:

What is Gifted Education? A step by step guide to understand who your gifted students are and how to cater for their needs.

How can I adapt my program to suit my gifted students? We take a look at your current program, testing and the interests of your students and look at how we can better engage your Gifted students.

School wide Gifted profiling and assessment. How does your school find its Gifted students? We can help you to work out the best tools that suit your schools needs.



This can be done online or at your workplace.

NESA accredited provider

In progress: To be completed soon.