At Educate Empower Consultancy, we are passionate about empowering parents and teachers to support their gifted students. We aim to coach and consult those working with these students so that classrooms and home life can meet the diverse learning needs of gifted students.

Mrs Ryan

About Us

I am a primary school teacher with a Masters in Gifted Education and a BED/BA International Studies (Japanese).

I currently work with teachers both face to face and online who are learning about gifted education. I work with gifted and bright children in the classroom setting and in pullout programs. I am also a school librarian.

I live in Sydney with my husband and two energetic and creative children.

I love educating children and adults in any area I can find expertise in and am very passionate about helping teachers to support their gifted students in the best ways possible. Teaching should always be fun and beneficial for both students and teachers.

Please contact me for:

  • How parents can support their gifted child.
  • How schools and parents can work together
  • How teachers can develop differentiated programs that work in the classroom.
  • How to identify Gifted students and cater for their needs.
  • Understanding of what giftedness is and how it looks in different schools.


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